Super Mechs Unblocked Hacked Game

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Super Mechs Unblocked Hacked Game

Super Mechs Unblocked Hacked Game

SUPER MECHS – Robots Strategy Shooting Game

Design fantastic robots, fight against other players and constantly improve your war machine in the addictive shooting game SUPER MECHS. You start with a small robot with primitive weapons and a little armor. Select details and drag them to an empty platform to build your first robot, then you can participate in the competition against another robot and earn money to buy improvements. In SUPER MECHS, you and your opponent can make a single movement and fire only once per turn. Choose an appropriate weapon and try to cause as much damage as you can to your opponent. You can also approach your goal or take a step back for greater precision. While you fight, you must pay attention to the indicators: hit points, heat and energy. The energy is consumed by performing certain actions and using electric weapons. The heat is generated by firing weapons, if your engine overheats, the robot will shut down automatically.

The hit points are the most important, if you run out, you will die and lose the game. With each successful shot, your opponent’s hit points will decrease, the number depends on the weapon you use. If you defeat your opponent, you can buy new engines and powerful weapons. Super Mechs allows players to play 2 different modes: Arena and Campaign. In Arena mode you can fight other players in online mode. In Campaign mode, players are in charge of fulfilling different missions, winning levels and unlocking new lands. To obtain a higher level, you must collect a certain amount of experience points, taking part in as many fights as possible. Do not forget to register to buy new robots and great improvements, and start the war. Enjoy this great robot game!


Use the MOUSE to build and control your robot and press a weapon icon to fight in SUPER MECHS. Buy and open boxes of objects in the store if you run out of resources. In the workshop you can equip your robot with all the improvements you have purchased, and also see how many hit points each weapon adds and how much energy and hit points it takes. Super Mechs players can also communicate with each other, for that enter a chat room in sand mode.