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WORMATE IO – Multiplayer Online

Welcome to another exciting IO Game, very similar to Slitherio. Wormateio is distinguished by a greater variety of colors and the availability of all kinds of sweets to be eaten by players instead of luminous points. So if you like, you should definitely try! The game is absolutely free, so do not waste time and start growing characters right now – nice colored worms. You can create amazing worms by choosing different colors and patterns that are available to all players. All worms in Wormateio tend to become huge snakes, so they are constantly on the move and in search of sweets scattered throughout the playing field, such as cookies, marmalade and lollipops. Small worms are also in danger of becoming dinner for other small and big players.

Other players from around the world are also looking for sweets and new victims such as you! If you are lucky and you can destroy the worm of the opponent, it will fall into many sweets that you can collect and become bigger. On the playing field you can also find various bonuses. Some of them will add points to you, others will act like a magnet, attracting food, and some may even make you invulnerable, etc. Try to become the longest and thickest worm of all and be the first player in the ranking!

How to play WORMATE IO

To control your lovely colored worm you will only need a mouse. Just move the mouse in the direction in which you want your character to move and the worm to follow the cursor. To speed up, hold down the left mouse button. Accelerate to escape from other players and at the same time destroy them, but do not forget that acceleration takes away points from you and the longer you are in the acceleration mode, the less you become. If the head of the other player touches the body of your worm – it will die and you can collect his glasses. In case you hit your head in another player – you die.