Wormax Io

Light Switch
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Wormax Io

Wormax Io Unblocked Hacked Game

Wormaxio: Tactical Multiplayer Worm IO Game

At first glance, Wormaxio looks almost the same as other multiplayer io games. Even the graphics are very similar to the Slitherio game, the same painted colored worms with puppet eyes at the beginning of the trunk. But despite this, stands out among others for its constant improvements. Wormaxio is also the most tactical io game.

Wormax Tips & Tricks, Modifications, Zoom

1. Quickly move towards the center of the playing field and eat the rivals who left the game.
2. Get in the way of other players and let them crash into you.
3. Do not let the opponent’s worm run away, creating a closed ring around it.
4. Click on W to stop abruptly, when the opponent is behind, to let it crash into you.
5. Click E if you are surrounded by a worm opponent. In Ghost mode, you can pass through other players without dropping out of the game.

Zoom will remove other game modes.

How to Play In Wormax

The creators of the game wanted to give players more ways to protect, that’s why two additional options were added. By pressing the “W” key, you can abruptly stop your worm, after which you can change the direction. After pressing the “E” key, your worm will become invisible and pass through other players. As a bonus, you can continue collecting food in invisibility mode.

In addition to the above two bonuses, on the game board are also scattered other bonuses, which are activated immediately after the takeover. Among them, unlimited acceleration, additional glasses, which will increase your worm and magnet attracts food. Sharing your progress in social networks, you can unlock new skins.